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PBK / Anla Courtis - Invasive Species C40 cassette

by PBK and Anla Courtis


Newly completed, but a long time in the making, Invasive Species is a collaboration between American noise artist Phillip B. Klingler, aka PBK, and Argentinian experimentalist Anla

GR252: Courtis, guitarist and co-founder of the legendary psych band Reynols. Courtis’s sound-sources consist mostly of feedback frequencies and throbbing synthetics that push the limitations of digital sound. Set against PBK’s crunching, psychedelic noise and turntable manipulation creates the sensation of being inside a structure of circular forces where the infernal sounds are swallowed up in pulsing sonic vortexes. Sound is somewhere between ambient, space music and noise/drone. Xerox covers with insert, numbered edition of 55 copies.